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Located near the Québec border in southeast Ontario, Ottawa is one of the best cities in Canada for people looking to explore and experience fun activities as well as learn the rich history of the old Ottawa South. You cannot ignore this place. It may be small, but the liveliness, family-friendly, nightlife-ready, and undeniably cool characteristic makes it a must-go-to destination for travel enthusiasts. Visit Ottawa South today, and you will see a city that does not fall short. 


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What to Expect

Ottawa South is a cultural hub that caters to the out-of-town lover. The downtown overflows with modern museums, amazing architecture, funky outlets, and fulfilling joints that you can explore on foot. If cold weather is not a deterrent to you, you will love ice skating along the Rideau Canal, making you a winter buff. 



Brief History of Ottawa

Brief History of Ottawa Ottawa is the Capital of Canada Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and it is located in the province of Ontario.

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