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Ottawa, Canada, is a famous holiday destination loved by people from all walks of life. It’s a place kids, teens, and the adults have something to enjoy. The beautiful sceneries by the Ottawa River and spectacular architectural designs are among the things you can enjoy while on this visit. However, you can only have the best time and moment when in good health; if not, you can have one of the horrible experiences. The million-dollar question here is, as an international tourist, what are the health insurance options you have? Can it be of help to access excellent hospitals while in this part of the continent? It shouldn’t be a verbal thought; as part of your preparations, you need to ensure it’s a fact on the ground. If not, you need to register in one before you make that maiden trip to Ottawa for your holidays. Remember, you are there for a holiday, and in most cases, you are in the remote parts enjoying all nature has to offer. You need an additional product to come to your aid at that particular time. The fact that you are in a far country complicates the whole process. A medical alert system is one such product out there that offers distinct benefits. You don’t have to worry about the online tool; at your location in case of any medical emergency, they are a phone call away. If you are looking for another option, then Great Call is also a sought-after product, thanks to their efficiency in medical service delivery.

“Prevention is better than cure,” a common English saying. Before you make that trip to the doctor instead of enjoying beautiful sceneries in Canada, it’s better to practice health tips to keep the doctor’s appointment at bay.

6 Health Tips While Holidaying In Ottawa

  1. Stay hydrated always

Dehydration leads to fatigue. You can collapse as you climb the famous Gatineau Hills, and the next stop is at the health facility. A water bottle is a must-have when out there holidaying. The reason for this is that since you have all the time, you can have a change of plan and go to a place you never intended. With water on your hand or bag, you get the required energy.

  1. Be energized by eating healthy foods regularly

As much as you are on holiday, never compromise on health when it comes to diet. It’s time people tend to indulge, but take note; it’s easy to add weight but takes ages to remove the excess fat unless you opt for a weight-loss crash program which isn’t healthy according to health experts.

Healthy foods ideal for holiday

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Energy bars
  • Lean animal protein- fish, chicken
  • Plant proteins- nuts, beans, green grams

Foods to avoid

  • Fast foods including chips and fries
  • Processed food with high sugars
  • Refined foods with high salts like crisps
  1. Focus on eating a balanced diet as you exercise portion control

There is a thin line between healthy foods and a balanced diet. All healthy foods must be balanced, containing all the essential nutrients proteins, vegetables, and whole-grain carbohydrates. Portion control is virtue holidaymakers need to practice. Canadian cuisine is enticing, delicious, and tasty. The possibility of overindulging is very high. Therefore, as you sample what the hospitality industry offers, take note of the number of calories you consume. Is its equilibrium to the output– physical exercise, if not performance?

  1. Engage in physical activities to burn excess calories

What do you do after a hard day treating your eyes with spectacular natural features? As you retire to your hotel/apartment, it’s essential to give yourself a gentle massage if you spent most of the time in substantial physical activity during the day. If the opposite was the scenario, you need to engage in physical activity. Here are a few ideas

  • Take a walk and enjoy the natural phenomenon
  • Hire a bike to improve body circulation
  • Visit the gym to burn excess fat
  • Run around the apartment to stay active
  1. Sit, relax and enjoy the moment

The main aim of going on holiday is to change the environment to have that sweet time. Not all the time, you want to go out. You can still have fun on the hotel premises. That explains why holiday inns are situated along the beachfront. It accommodates such holidaymakers who want to relax with minimal activity. Some relaxing activities in Ottawa include mediating, visiting a massage parlor or spa, playing golf or chess, lying upward, enjoying the cool breeze from the waters, taking a walk along the beach. The list is endless.

  1. Avoid meals at night

You have all the time to yourself. You can easily engage in unhealthy eating habits now that you are “idle”. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid meals at night, which interfere with your regular metabolic activity. When you choose to sample nightlife activities, do that when you have taken dinner to avoid temptation. When going to bed immediately after eating, the food is stored as fat. The body also needs that rest to digest and manufacture input (what you consume). A holiday in Ottawa doesn’t mean you are in a fattening camp. Never leave your fitness goals at home instead of having them at your fingertips to give you healthy practice even when treating your body and mind through a holiday.

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