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If you are in Canada for vacation or you’ve got a lot of time to spare, Ottawa is one of the places worth visiting. It’s a location with a rich history and a tourist magnet in its rights. Around the early 1800s, Ottawa used to be a simple construction base wedged between the Rideau Canal and the Ottawa River. Now it is home to famous structures and rich cultural harmony.

Where to begin the visit to Ottawa? You could start from the northern Lower Town or Upper Town down south. Read our highlights below on five of the most incredible places in Ottawa that are a must-visit.

Rideau Canal

What better place there is to begin there than where it all started? The Rideau Canal is an integral part of the city’s history and an exciting piece of history. It stretches 200 kilometers long and links Ottawa with Lake Ontario. It was supposed to be a strategic military route when it was first constructed. As a result, it played a considerable role in the US-Canada war in 1812.

All year-round, the canal is a fun place to be. In the summer, the waterway is active, and you could get on one of the several tour boats available. What’s more? You could take it up a notch by indulging yourself on an overnight boat cruise.

National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada represents some of the best modern monuments you can find in Canada (and, in some cases, the whole of North America). It sits proudly within the cityscape and a must-visit if you’re in Ottawa with a bit of time. Inside, you get to explore Canadian and Aboriginal art, from European impressionism to religious artworks and everything in between.

Canadian War Museum

Located along the Ottawa River, the Canadian war museum allows you to see into the country’s military history. You’d find exhibitions as far back as the 16th century, through the valiant Canadian contributions in the World Wars and its peacekeeping efforts in modern history.

Parliament Hill

You could have a go at the Parliament Buildings and Library situated on Parliament Hill. The monument stands 50 meters tall, overlooking the Ottawa River. Inside, you’d find the Parliamentary Library at the anterior. It has a shapely octagon structure, which retains all of its features in the 1916 fire aftermath.

On the outside, you could catch a glimpse of the Canadian Mounted Police parading in their splendor. The Changing of Guard also happens on summer mornings, rounding out some of the fun, free things you could do in Ottawa.

Peace Tower

Fancy visiting the tallest point in Ottawa? The Peace Tower provides some of the city’s best panoramic views from its observation deck, and you get to see all the other monuments from there. You may also get to see the memorial room, which honors the Canadians who perished in World War 1.

Also called the Tower of Peace and Victory, it is an easily accessible monument in Ottawa. Attendance is mainly free, but you might also require an official ticket before entry. It is essential to carry your water pack as you move around the monuments, especially if you plan to stay outdoors for longer and it’s summertime.

Buying water packs might be more expensive, and it could become an issue if you’re moving in a group. However, you should also pay attention to the water to be sure if it’s soft enough for consumption. There are water softener systems that could help you soften water from a hard water source.

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Wrapping Up

If you’d like to spend time out in Ottawa, Canada, it’s nice to know that there are many places to visit. Whether you start at the in-fashion Upper Town or the statelier Lower Town, you’re sure to have enough sightseeing to make the time worthwhile. However, you could begin the journey from any of the above-listed locations, as they are some of the best tourist locations Ottawa has got to offer.

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