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Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. It sits on the south bank of the Ottawa River and is divided by the Rideau River and the Rideau Canal. This city can be called a bilingual city as most of its locals speak both English and French. It’s rich in culture and Canada’s heritage. Ottawa is filled with cultures from all over the world. As one of the most beautiful tourist and vacation destinations, people from diverse nationalities love it.

As a capital city, Ottawa has many beautiful national attractions. There are numerous sights for you to see and tons of things to occupy you while enjoying your vacation despite the summer heat this period.

Although Ottawa is a beautiful city all year round, its summer periods can be quite hot and humid. A dehumidifier is necessary during this season. You’ll also want to ensure that you get an accommodation that’ll keep power running to ensure the sweltering summer heat doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

Read on to learn how to have fun and enjoy your vacation alone, with your partner or your kids in Ottawa this summer season without the summer heat dulling your enjoyment.

1. Make a Boat Trip Along Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a canal that stretches over 202 kilometers in length and connects Ottawa to Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River in Kingston.

A ride through this canal will ensure you see some historical landmarks along the way, and you’ll be armed with more local knowledge at the end of the boat trip. You can explore on your own by renting a canoe or kayak, or join a Rideau Canal Cruise, which is more fun.

2. Cool Off at Calypso Waterpark

Beat the summer heat by having a big splash at the most significant theme waterpark in Canada- the Calypso Waterpark at Ottawa. There are more than 35 waterslides for you to choose from. You can go for the Aqua loops, a roller-coaster kind of slide, or laze around and enjoy the sunny weather at the big wave pool.

3. Ensure You Visit Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill, with its gothic-style architecture, is home to the Parliament of Canada. You don’t need to be a politics lover before you can explore these three magnificent structures. Parliament Hill is one of the favorite attractions for tourists. It’s where the changing of guards takes place every summer. The Parliamentary Library at the back of the building is a beautiful sight to behold for book lovers.

4. See the Colorful ByWard Market

Your tour of Ottawa isn’t complete if you haven’t visited ByWard Market. This market is renowned for its divine food stores and stalls where you can buy Canadian delicacies. It’s surrounded by bars, restaurants, and vendors selling different things, from fresh fruit to flowers.

5. Learn Canadian History by Visiting the Museums

You don’t need to be a historian to learn history. If you’re curious about Canada’s history, consider exploring the Canadian Museum of History, The Canadian War Museum, the Canadian Museum of Nature, and the Bytown Museum. You can also visit the National Gallery of Canada, ensure to take amazing pictures for your social media handles. If you’re a nerd or choose to get nerdy, there’s the Science and Technology Museum and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

6. Engage in Their Summer Festivals

Every summer, there are many events and festivals lined up to entertain tourists and Ottawa Citizens alike. There are the upcoming Ottawa Beer Fest and an Escapade Music Festival for music lovers.

7. Try Out Their Exotic Restaurants

Ensure you dine in some of the top restaurants in the city. El Camino in Elgin Street serves the best taco and tequila. Their in-house favorite taco called the ox tongue taco is absolutely yummy. Riviera, located at Sparks Street in a former bank building, serves delicious Canadian cuisines and drinks.

8. Witness the Changing of the Guards

Ensure you don’t miss out on this impressive ceremony usually held during the summertime on Parliament Hill. It’s one of Canada’s top attractions for tourists, and it’s complete with regimental bands and pipers.


Moving through Ottawa, you’ll realize the city was made with tourists in mind. Its historical site, with the blessing of nature and beautiful festivals, has made it one of Canada’s top tourist attractions during summer.

So when thinking of a destination for your summer vacation, consider Ottawa first. The remarkable hotels there ensure there’s steady power to help cool the rooms so you wouldn’t be affected by the summer heat when you retire indoors after a fun day out in the sun.


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