Ottawa South was basically designed with tourism in mind. The area has plenty of things to see and do. What is more exciting is the fact that everything is just a walk away. For a start, you won’t want to miss Parliament Hill, then stroll along the Rideau Canal. You can proceed to the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of History if you like museums. If you still have some Canadian change in your pocket, check out the lively ByWard Market.

What To Do

Become a Tourist

Ottawa South makes an excellent quick weekend getaway. The city’s compact size and strolling compatibility make it easy for you to see many highlights in one weekend. 

Map out some of the best places, such as museums, active spots like parliament hill or the Rideau Canal. Whatever makes you happy, you are sure to find it in Ottawa South.

Enjoy Fresh Local Food

Does farm-to-table works for you? Then you will love Ottawa South. The area serves local produce from nearby farms and ranches. Farmers’ markets, restaurants, and grocery stores are all filled with local food for you to savor the taste of Ottawa. 


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