Ottawa: A Safe Place to Visit

Ottawa is a safe and welcoming city for tourists. The history of Ottawa makes the city an inviting destination to explore. From exploring Parliament Hill, discovering museums, or checking out great restaurants in this Canadian capital, you’ll never be bored! Explore all that Ottawa has to offer with help from our blog post on the best places to visit when you’re here.

With its many museums and galleries, beautiful architecture, and landmarks such as Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal Skateway, and the National Gallery of Canada. Ottawa has so much to offer! You can’t go wrong with visiting this captivating city in Eastern Ontario.

Canadian Museum of Nature

Canadian Museum of Nature provides an excellent escape from city life. The museum offers visitors animal exhibits that are both entertaining and educational. There’s also a planetarium for those who want to see the sky at night.

Parks and Gardens

When you need a break from museums, Ottawa has plenty of green spaces – parks and gardens -to explore. You can walk or bike along paths in Gatineau Park, take in the view from Parliament Hill, or ride on one of our many scenic pathways through beautiful neighborhoods like Rockcliffe Park where Governor General’s residence stands proudly at its center.

Winter Activities

Ottawa may be a winter city, but it has plenty to do. There are skating rinks and ski slopes in Gatineau Park for those looking to stay on solid ground. In the Old Ottawa South neighborhood, there is an outdoor ice rink that’s open most weekends throughout December and January (weather permitting).

How Safe is Ottawa for the Tourists?

Ottawa is a safe city for tourists. The crime rate in Canada’s capital has fallen by 10% over the last year, and there are no reports of any crimes against tourists or visitors to the country.

However, it’s important to note that while Ottawa may be one of the safest cities in all of North America, you should still take precautions when visiting other parts of our beautiful nation.

For example, if you plan on traveling outside the greater metropolitan area, make sure your vehicle is equipped with emergency flares and some type of roadside assistance service like AAA. If you find yourself lost without a signal (which can happen), try not to leave your car unattended as thieves could break into it looking for anything valuable they can get their hands on.

Also, always ensure you go out with cash to avoid releasing your credit card for payments and falling victim of identity theft. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your personal information to fall into the wrong hands. Regardless of your innocence, the authorities may still hold you responsible if a crime were committed using your personal details.

If you are a victim of identity theft in Ottawa, it might not be easy convincing the authorities of your innocence. Hence, you’ll need identity protection for you and your loved ones before traveling. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to spend a valuable part of your holiday explaining a crime you didn’t commit.


If you’re looking for a safe and exciting vacation spot, Ottawa may be the place to go. This beautiful city is full of culture, delicious restaurants, and breathtaking views that will make your stay one remember.

With so many fun things to do in this lovely town, it can be hard deciding what’s right for you! Here are just a few places we recommend checking out on your next visit: The Byward Market; Parliament Hill; Rideau Canal Skateway (during winter months); Art Gallery of Ontario; Canadian Museum of History. You’ll never find another destination like Ottawa with such an incredible combination of natural beauty and vibrant history. We hope these suggestions help guide you when planning your upcoming trip here! And if you’re still not sure where to stay, we’ve got you covered: there are dozens of hotels located in and around Ottawa.

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