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Ottawa is a city with an abundance of amazing restaurants to choose from, but have you tried out the best ones in Ottawa South? The top 5 are listed below.

  1. Toronto’s Fish Market & Grill – This family-owned restaurant has been serving fresh seafood for over 25 years and it’s always delicious! They offer everything from fish tacos to smoked salmon platters, so there’s something for everyone.
  2. Pasha Kabob House – If you’re looking for great Persian food then this is the place to go! Their kabobs are made with succulent meats that melt in your mouth and their rice dishes are absolutely delicious too.
  3. Woodlot Bistro – Looking for a cozy bistro atmosphere?
  4. La Pizzeria- Serving up pizza by the slice as well as whole pizzas;
  5. The Golden Waffle Café- An eclectic fusion eatery with waffles, sandwiches, salads and soups;

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